Friday, April 4, 2014

Pinewood Derby Car: Swiss Army Knife {Cub Scouts}

Pinewood Derby Swiss Army Knife by MomsGonnaSnap
Last week I shared Anthony’s Pinewood Derby car for this year:

2014-03-16 (6)
Now it’s time to share handy hubby’s car! Yes, he made a Pinewood Derby car. Some of the scout dads were together one night and decided it would be fun. They would all make them and race against each other. Turns out, it was all talk. Handy hubby was the only dad to build one!

The boys painted their cars together. Hubby is clearly working hard!

2014-03-02 (2)
After the first coat of paint… You can see he made the standard Swiss Army Knife components - scissors, a knife blade and a screwdriver.

2014-03-02 (13)
It’s all in the details! Hubby added a little key ring loop, built a teeny tiny wooden tweezers (the gray piece showing in the lower right corner) and a toothpick (goes in on the other side)

2014-03-16 (9)
My hubby is super creative, right?!?

2014-03-16 (12)
Here’s the end where both the tweezers and the toothpick go in.

2014-03-16 (20)

2014-03-16 (19)
They had a great time working on their derby cars together! I wonder what ideas they will have next year?

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