Sunday, March 30, 2014

Minecraft Sword Pinewood Derby Car {Cub Scouts}

Pinewood Derby Minecraft Sword by MomsGonnaSnap
Anthony loves to come up with unique Pinewood Derby cards. He often has really grand ideas (like a fire breathing dragon!) and this year he changed his mind a few times before deciding to build a Minecraft Sword car.

Handy hubby always lets Anthony draw a picture of his car and then does his best to cut out the design. The sword worked out pretty good!

2014-03-02 (5)
Anthony chose the colors, and he was very specific about which colors to use. Hubby used a spray primer (that’s the gray) to give the craft paint something to stick to, and then we let Anthony just start painting.
He’s in his PJ’s, which is why he’s not wearing a shirt…

2014-03-02 (7)
The car is upside down in the photo below. Anthony wanted to paint both sides. You can see the lines where the wheel axles (nails) will go.

2014-03-02 (8)
Just a little bit of paint…

2014-03-02 (11)
Ready for race day! The boys went to the post office to weigh Anthony’s car so they could determine how much weight to add to the bottom. You can just barely see the weights in the photo below.

2014-03-16 (2)
Here are the weights on the bottom. They also drilled a hole through the end of the sword handle and slid some round weights in there too.

2014-03-16 (8)
More to come about race day!

Here are Anthony’s previous Pinewood Derby cars: last year’s Batmobile and from the year before

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