Saturday, November 5, 2011

DIY Sign Post

A few weeks ago I found this sign post on Pinterest, and knew that I needed an interchangeable sign post by our front door.

Pinned Image

It only took a little convincing before my hubby made one for me!

He used some scrap wood that was leftover from another project (I’m lucky – he’s super handy and always working on building something for our house!). This sign post really is just random scrap wood put together and with a little paint, no one will know it's scrap wood. Unless you tell. Which you won't. :)

2011-10-23 (2)

Here is the finished post by our front door with a new slate Welcome sign I just received as a gift at work.

2011-11-05 (4)

2011-11-05 (5)

It's going to be fun swapping out the signs I already have with the seasons/holidays, but this may lead to some shopping too…..

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