Saturday, March 23, 2013

Are we there yet? {Disney World}

The last couple weeks have been really busy. Working on the fireplace in the basement, planning/prepping for a road trip across the country, and working, so that we can actually go on vacation.

All of our hard work has officially paid off and we are on the road headed for Florida! My alarm went off at 3:05 this morning and after a snoozing it a couple of times, we got up, pulled ourselves together and hit the road.

Any ideas what we have forgotten?? Yeah, we don't know either! I'm sure there is something, although if you saw how packed our van is, you would think we haven't left much behind.

After a slight detour in Minnesota (yes, we missed a turn before even getting out of the state!), we are officially somewhere in the middle of Iowa and I'm blogging from the car. Have I told you that I'm a big fan of technology?

Anthony is definitely excited - he woke up on his own around 3:25 and was thrilled that today is the day we FINALLY leave for Disney World.

Let the adventures begin!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Celebrating Gotcha Day

Tomorrow will be 6 years since Anthony joined our family.  Whenever I think of that day I am filled with so much emotion.  Reminders of the nerves and excitement that came with the first phone call, driving to northern MN to meet him, to the actual transfer in Minneapolis just a few days later. 

Team 2 Card M-9666-2377613386-O
(Photo taken Feb 2013 by Midwest LifeShots Photography)

Six years ago we the became parents of an amazing 8-month-old.  Anthony, we love you so much and we are so thankful that your birthparents chose us to be your forever family.

We love you Anthony!

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Fireplace Stone {Basement Progress}

This past week has been a full week – nearly every evening we have been working in the basement on the fireplace stone.

Here’s a quick iPhone photo to show the progress we have made!

Fireplace Stone - MomsGonnaSnap

The stone will go all the way to the ceiling – we are hoping we can get the rest of the stone installed this weekend!

Happy Friday!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Month in Photos {February}

February 2013

February brings the end of the coldest period of the brutal winter’s that we experience each year in Minnesota. We are tired of the cold, the novelty of the snow has worn off
and we are sick of spending all of our time inside.  That said, we still had some fun!

We are going to DisneyWorld!
Math & Munchies at school with Dad
Ice Skating
Pinewood Derby (photos of the Pinewood Derby coming soon!)
Swimming & Piano Lessons
A Valentine’s gift – $20! (he’s saving it for Disney!)
The School Carnival
Basketball at the YMCA

(*If you follow me on Insta, you may have seen photos from some of the events above)
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Friday, March 1, 2013

Adoption Home Study {Again...}

Once again it was time to make our annual trip to Minneapolis to update our home study with our adoption office. This is just part of the process of keeping us "legal" as a family that can be considered to adopt. We recently completed tons of paperwork updates, had new fingerprints done, and wrote out a few more checks.

Today, March 1st, is 3 full years that we have been waiting to adopt our second child. Not only has it been 3 years, but we also found out where we are “in the book”. At this moment we are #3 in the book. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean anything good. This does not mean that we are 3rd in line to be chosen. This means that there are just 2 families that have been waiting longer than we have. Two. Considering our agency places 60+ children with adoptive families each year, this means that we have been passed by birthmothers/birthparents at least 180 times. It’s all part of the process, but wow, waiting is hard.

We have always been extremely open with the staff at the adoption office. Any suggestions for us? Is there something offensive in our letter? Should we change out our pictures (again)? Is it time to completely re-vamp our letter? Do we need to create a website? What can we do?!?  The counselors have assured us that there really isn’t anything that we need to do, but there are some things we can try.

When we get back from Disney next month, we will be completely updating our letter. Hopefully we will have some fabulous fun pictures to include and some great inspiration to show the world that we are great people and deserve to be chosen during this process.  We are also planning to create a website that we can regularly update with photos and info about our family.

Here’s to praying that we are chosen sooner rather than later!