Monday, November 5, 2012

DIY Dry Erase Board {Window Edition}

There’s a funny story about this window. It all started in northern Minnesota near hubby’s family lake property. We were there over Labor Day in 2011, and in a ditch on their nearly private road was a pile of old and broken windows. Among the broken ones, there were a few with the glass still in tact. I took many walks that weekend, some with hubby, some without and just knew that one of those windows HAD to come home with me. After LOTS of convincing, he pulled over (in the rain) on Labor Day as we were pulling out to head home, and let me climb down into the ditch to pick my treasure. I grabbed this one and as I slid it into our camper for the 5 hour drive home, I realized how dirty, gross and SMELLY it really was. What was I thinking? We made a deal that day. He gave me one year to turn it into something or he was going to throw it away. We couldn’t have something like this dirty, old window taking up precious space in our garage. 

2012-08-14 window

I procrastinated until my year was almost up. Not a tough project, but I haven’t tried painting old wood like this before and I’m interested in learning about using different types of paints/waxes to finish furniture. My plan was to make this my “test project”. In the end I set research aside and finally just went for it – time was running out!

I purchased a small test pot of blue paint (Jamaican Sea by Behr) and then Labor Day weekend I removed the hardware and used an oil-based primer (recommended by Cassie of Primitive & Proper to kill the smell – thanks for the suggestion!) and painted the window blue. Then life took over and the project was set aside until recently.

2012-09-08 (13)

I picked up the fabric on sale for $2.49 at Hancock Fabrics.

2012-11-05 (14)

Yes, Mom, I even ironed the fabric, although odds almost won out. I had to search (yes, search) for my iron, before finding it in a cabinet that I had already looked in. Twice. True story. I do NOT like to iron and do so as little as possible. Plus, I couldn’t figure out how to keep the iron from turning off on me. Ugh. Oh, and to add to the fun, I (finally) ironed hubby’s pile of shirts that had been waiting and waiting and waiting to be ironed. When do you think he will notice?

I sanded the window to give it a more distressed look.

Then I used some oil rubbed bronze spray paint on the hardware – it was extremely chippy which would be okay if I knew it wasn’t lead paint. I brushed off some of the old paint and just painted over it.

You may have noticed I’m way over my one year timeline – I’m thankful my husband allowed a grace period before just tossing this window into the trash (which was his plan!)

This is going to look so fun in my office at work!

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  1. Thanks for ironing the shirts! :)

  2. Nice job! Wanna do my ironing?

  3. What an awesome idea! Love the color. When should I drop my ironing off? Haha...just kidding. Mine is in our garage. I use it when I am ironing veneer onto the edge of plywood. Cheers!

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