Monday, July 30, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

On July 1st we met some good friends at Target Field in St. Paul to see the Minnesota Twins play against the Kansas City Royals.  It was a HOT day – 91 degrees at game time and our seats were in full sun.  Our only chance at shade was to pray for a cloud, and unfortunately for us, it was not a cloudy day.  The sun was so hot that we spent the majority of the game standing down on the lower level (in the shade) praying for a breeze.  We all went to a game together last year too – in the middle of May – and FROZE.  It was raining/sleeting/snowing during most of the game.  We were hoping to be warmer this year and we definitely had HEAT, just a little too much….

Anthony and I were all set for the game to start!
At the MN Twins game

One of my Besties – we met in college and have been GREAT friends ever since!
Julie and I ready for the HEAT!

She’s super fun and brings out the CRAZY in my hubby!  I love it!!!
Mitch and Julie (taken by Anthony!)

We gave Anthony the camera and let him take a group shot – 
his photography skills are improving with age!
Erik, Julie, Shawna and Mitch (photo taken by Anthony)

Regardless of the heat, we had a GREAT time!  Looking forward to next year – I wonder what the weather will be like???

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympic Fever–Counting Medals with Kids!

The excitement of the summer Olympics in London has hit our home! We enjoyed watching the Opening Ceremony and have set up the easel in the living room so Anthony can count the Olympic medals earned by the athletes from the United States.

Olympic Fever - Counting Medals with Kids

The boys had fun decorating the easel with Olympic related pictures.  My favorite is Anthony’s drawing of the torches being carried in during the Opening Ceremony. 

2012-07-28 Olympics (7)

The easel is sitting in the living room and Anthony is already having fun tracking the US medals while practicing his math skills (tallies and addition).  Once a teacher, always a teacher!

2012-07-28 Olympics (5)

Let’s go USA!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

11 Years to Celebrate!

We tied the knot eleven years ago today – WOW, we look like kids!!!

2001-07-28  Shawna & Mitch Wedding

2001-07-28 Wedding (5)

Happy Anniversary to the best hubby I could have asked for. Love you!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

First day of 1st Grade

It’s hard to believe that we are already at the end of July, which means the beginning of school at our house! 

2012-07-25 (6)e
He’s all set – ready to take on first grade!
Anthony attends a year-round school that follows a 45/15 calendar.  Basically this means that he will be in school for 45 days, then they take a 15 day break, then 45 days of school, then break, etc.  His summer vacation is about 6 weeks, which really is long enough for a 6-year-old.  His 3 week breaks will be in October, Dec/Jan (over the holidays) and March/April (over Spring Break).  Maybe this year we can squeeze in a trip during one of his breaks from school?

2012-07-25 (30)
We played some frisbee while we waited for the bus.

2012-07-25 (19)
Rockin’ his new shoes – he says they are FAST!  So fast that he had to challenge us
both to a few running races this morning.  Not gonna lie, they are fast!

2012-07-25 (32)
I asked him to turn and wave as he got on the bus - He managed to throw an
arm back and wave as he ran to the bus.  That was the best he gave me,
and I didn’t even get a picture of it…

2012-07-25 (34)
Getting off the bus at school (Yes, I am THAT Mom).  I’m pretty sure he was the last one on the bus - I took a shortcut to beat the bus and park so I could get these pictures!

2012-07-25 (37)
Perfect!  He has a friend on the bus!

2012-07-25 (38)

Ready or not, there he goes!  Have a great first day Anthony!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Love You Grandma

This past week we lost a very special lady. 

2010-08-14  (3)
Photo taken in August 2010

Grandma was born in 1920 and lived to be 92 years old. We all have wonderful
memories to cherish of our days together.

Here are just 5 of my favorite memories with my Grandma:
1. Time at the family cabin in Hatfield, Wisconsin
2. Playing cards - mostly Poker and Solitaire
3. Tombstone pizzas cooked on her pizza oven
4. Her oil paintings - she was a very talented artist
5. Holidays at her house - she LOVED to give and get presents!

Grandma, we all love you and will miss you.

Friday, July 13, 2012

It was a Golden Birthday!

Last week Anthony turned 6 on the 6th!  He was quick to tell everyone that it was his Golden Birthday and we had a great time celebrating his birthday camping with family in Clear Lake, Iowa.

Here are a few pics from our backyard photo shoot.  Initially he was GROUCHY and did not want his picture taken. After we headed down to play, he became a total ham!

2012-07-11 (20)
So not interested in having his picture taken…

2012-07-11 (45)
Look Mom!  One hand!

2012-07-11 (115)

2012-07-11 (135)

2012-07-11 (149)

2012-07-11 (164)
He said he was holding up the tree with his elbow.

2012-07-11 (169)

2012-07-11 (179)

2012-07-11 (192)
“I’m six!”

2012-07-11 (250)
Are we done yet?!?

Happy 6th Birthday Anthony!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my Mom’s Birthday, but don’t worry Mom, I’m not going to tell anyone how old you are.  If anyone really wants to know, there is a Beatles song that might give it away!  HaHa…  My Dad played it for her this morning!

2011-12-25 (241)
Here she is last Christmas opening a gift - I don't remember what it was, but I know she 
had correctly guessed what it was during our Gift Game (more on that later).

Happy Birthday Mom!  Love you!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

We have doors!

The basement doors arrived last week, which was really the only basement progress in the past 2+ weeks, until yesterday.  We are officially in full summer schedule swing, which has left little time for basement productivity.  It’s been a few weeks since I have posted a basement update, and in an effort to continue to document the happenings in our home, it was time to document that basically nothing is happening, except the installation of just this one door.

The rest of the doors are patiently awaiting an install….

2012-07-03 (3)

No Need to Paint or Stain – prefinished works perfectly for me!
2012-07-03 (6)

2012-07-03 (7)

The colors in the pics above are not true (close, but not quite) – I was lazy and just used our point and shoot camera instead of the DSLR, so they are definitely not the greatest quality…

Want to see more of the basement?  Click the "Basement"  label on the right and you can see where we started and check back as we continue on.  Our completion goal is December 31st, 2012 - party anyone?!?

Linking to:  Thrifty Decor Chick

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

I have always LOVED the 4th of July!  We hosted an annual party for years, and somewhere along the line we started traveling over the 4th instead of partying at home.  This year we are staying home and having just a few friends and family over to celebrate with us.  The 4th of July is such a part of summer – I love everything about it!  The heat (it’s going to be 100 today!), sprinklers, sparklers, grilling, cold beverages…. I  could go on an on!!

Over the course of this week I will have enjoyed time with so many relatives and friends – such a perfect way to celebrate the 4th of July!

Here’s a shot from last year in preparation for tonight!

2011-07-02 (19)

I hope you are enjoying friends, family and fireworks today too!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

2012 Goal Update

At the start of the year I set some goals for 2012.  You can read the full version here.  Now that we are half-way through 2012 (how did that happen?!?) it is time to review our goals to see if we are making progress.

Here is a quick update on our goals:
  • Adopt a baby!  --- We have no control on this one. 
    Instead we will continue to celebrate this cute guy.
2012-03-24 (117)
  • Change work schedule to allow for more family time.  --- DONE!  Starting on July 1st, I will officially be working half-time!  WHOO-HOO! 

  • Start working on finishing the basement. --- Obviously, if you have been reading my blog, you know the work has begun!
2012-06-20 (6)
2012-05-27 (10)
  • Eat less, exercise more! ----  Yeah, so I am working on this one… 

  • Learn how to use our new Canon 60D --- Again, still working on this one.  I am using it all the time and definitely experimenting with it, but I have so much to learn.  Thinking about taking a class this fall.

So, I had 6 goals set for us, and we have met 3 of them at the half-way point of the year.  Not bad!  I have plans for the last two goals, so now we just need to be chosen to adopt a little one.  Keeping our fingers crossed that we can accomplish all 6 goals this year!