Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Month in Photos {November}

November 2012 v4

November was a great month!  We were able to spend a few days visiting family in Iowa, which is always fun. Plus we did our annual online shopping spree on Black Friday – love scoring deals in my PJ’s!

Driving the go-cart (again!)
Bowling with friends.
Cub Scouts (Operation Hometown Gratitude, wreath sales and more!)
Giving Thanks with family.
Swimming lessons.
Basement tile.
Sleepover with cousins.
Magic Show.


  1. So many smiling faces - such a sweet photo of your sons sitting side by side in the sofa :)

  2. Thanks - that's actually my son (in the middle) with his cousins (that he worships) - he LOVES spending time with them!