Friday, December 23, 2011

Making Lefse!

Each December it is a family tradition at our house to make lefse. We both grew up making lefse with our grandmothers, and it’s a tradition we have continued. It’s a TON of work and makes the kitchen look like a flour bomb has exploded, but it is oh so good!
2011-12-18 (22)
Transferring a piece to the lefse grill
2011-12-18 (23)
While some people make super big pieces of lefse, we like to make them smaller. It makes them easier to work with when eating!
2011-12-18 (24)
Our Assistant even stepped in to help a little bit!
2011-12-18 (29)
The end result was 80+ pieces of lefse!
2011-12-18 (30)
Doesn’t this look delicious?!?
We are lucky that our Grandma’s gave us everything we need to make lefse (grill, Bethany board, rollers, and sticks) as wedding gifts so that we can continue this tradition.
Our families will be happy to see that we have lefse to share at our family Christmas celebrations!

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