Thursday, December 13, 2012

Santa’s Arrival

Every year Santa “arrives” on the roof of the old city hall on the 1st Saturday of December. We have attended every year for a few years now and it’s always been a great family event! 

While waiting for Santa to arrive, Anthony and I were being super silly – can you see the spunk in his eyes???  There is always so much energy and excitement as we wait for the man in the red suit!

Santa's Arrival (1)
Mrs. Claus is always there too.  After he arrives, they are both available for the children – Mrs. Claus often will read stories while other children wait in the extremely long line for the 60 seconds with Santa.  The kids LOVE it and tons of families attend!

Santa's Arrival (2)
Anthony had a very serious question to ask Mrs. Claus.  I’m pretty sure he asked her if she makes breakfast, lunch and dinner for Santa every day!  Ha!

Santa's Arrival (3)
After much anticipation, there he is!  Some years they try using a microphone so Santa can talk to us, but not this year.  The crowd has been more fun in pervious years too – often caroling (Jingle Bells, jingle bells…") while waiting. 

Santa's Arrival (4)
Another fun fact – there is a couple in our city that covers their home in Christmas lights just like the Griswold’s, only they almost take it to another level beyond! This year they even have a workshop in their backyard. The best part? The guy dresses up like Santa almost every night (sometimes Mrs. Claus is there too) and you can stop by to talk to Santa and he will give you a candy cane.  He LOVES bringing a smile to the faces of the little ones in our community. We love it too!

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