Friday, August 2, 2013

This week… {InstaFriday}

Another busy, and fun, week for us this week!  I'm MomsGonnaSnap on Instagram if you want to follow along during the week!

Last Friday night we made homemade pizza. This is mine – a caprese pizza!  Pesto with (LOTS and LOTS of) fresh sliced mozzarella and tomatoes on garlic naan bread.  Delish!


On Saturday we went out to celebrate our anniversary. First we had dinner (somehow I managed to stay away from the portabella mushroom fries this time) and then met some friends for drinks and a show at a comedy club before everyone came back to our place.  We had a blast!  Happy 12 years!


For his 7th birthday, this guy got rollerblades.  SO.MUCH.FUN!  It’s been a blast watching him learn how to use them.  He’s doing great!!  He’s also Mr. Safety: elbows, knees, wrists and head = protected!


And look at his Daddy – they make a great team.


On Sunday after lunch we decided to take our bikes down on the city trails.  Unfortunately a storm rolled in so we only got to ride for 1.5 miles.  We were hoping for 5 miles.  Maybe this weekend?


Yep. That’s a mohawk. On my 7-year-old.  He is in heaven.  He wants me to do this every single day for school, except he remembers as the bus pulls up in front of our house…  Oh, did I mention that this is 8 hours later, after I picked him up from school?  It looked even better when he got on the bus that morning.


That tooth...  Will someone please pull it for me?  It’s HANGING.  I am not a fan of loose teeth.  Please send help.


No, we are not moving.  That’s a furniture delivery truck backing into OUR driveway!  Our new bed and a couch for our basement arrived this week.  Yes, a couch, in our basement.  No, the basement is not done, but it’s close enough that we found a couch (thank you for the birthday party that gave us 2 free hours to furniture dream/shop!). Those delivery guys were crazy.  3 guys, and it was like a tornado.  They were FAST – in and out in just a couple minutes. 


Here’s hubby with one of the city building inspectors.  We had 2 inspections on the basement yesterday – the final electric inspection (passed!) and the final a fireplace inspection (failed). They will have to come back one more time for the final fireplace inspection. After our plumber comes back to swap out some of the gas line for a pipe. Or something like that.


At the beginning of the month I started using the app Collect on my iPhone.  Every day I made sure to take a pic and save it to the app on that day.  It was fun, but now what do I do with it?

I have to admit, I’m kinda liking these posts.  What a perfect way to document the “goings on” of our week while also sharing with family and friends.  Works for me.

What did you do this week?

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