Friday, November 15, 2013

The Last Few Weeks {InstaFriday}

Here’s what we have been up to the past few weeks – I’m MomsGonnaSnap on Instagram if you want to follow along!

We took a few Super Hero family pics in October – thanks to our friends J & E for helping!  I also got to take a few photos for them that day too.  They have a super cute little boy – love taking pics of him!


Anthony and I met my parents for lunch and some fun in LaCrosse, WI.  After lunch we went up Grandad’s Bluff to check out the view.  Then off to Anthony’s favorite place – Cherry Berry!

2013-10-17 (1)

The view really is pretty impressive!

2013-10-17 (2)

The next day, Anthony and I went to a local apple orchard and picked out some pumpkins!  Hubby was working in San Jose, CA that week, so he missed out on the fun!

2013-10-18 (1)

They had a teeter-totter set up at the orchard – we spent a LOT of time at the playground!

2013-10-18 (2)

We also went on a wagon ride through the orchard.  We didn’t pick any apples (maybe next year?), but we did buy some from the shop before we left.  Fresh apple sauce and apple crisp that week!


Our official pumpkins.  Superman logo and a ninja.  Love the paint job!


Heading out for trick-or-treating.  This guy LOVES ninjas!  And candy.


I chaperoned a 2nd grade field trip to a local science/nature center for some science lessons on dirt soil.  As part of the lesson, we went into the cave (made of limestone), so we could check out the sand in the cave.  In case you wondered, 29 second graders is a lot!


We have been waiting to adopt #2 for 3.5 years (UGH), and decided that (once again) we should update our letter that the birthmothers see.  We went with bright, fun colors!  Here’s to hoping that we get picked soon. We are so ready to expand our little family…


Leaves!  No need to say anything else here…


We woke up to this on Monday morning.  Yes, we live in Minnesota, but still…  In my future, I foresee that I will be doing everything I can to have the opportunity to escape the cold winter season!  Hubby, we better start saving!


Tuesday night. Eight 2nd grade Cub Scouts came over to use hubby’s tools to build display stands for their Pinewood Derby cars and fulfill some of their skill requirements. It was amazing. And frightening. No lost fingers! In fact, there were no injuries!  It was a big success!


Went to Target one morning this week, and came home with an overloaded cart. Our Christmas tree has been giving me the business and hubby actually wants to be able to put it back in the box, so it was time for a new one. I don’t like to spend much on trees, and like the idea of using it over and over. Why not a real one? Honestly, I have never had a real tree (I know!!), and I had hoped to get one for our basement this year. But… I just found out I’m allergic to pine trees, so I’m not going to bring one into my home. I also picked up a few home décor items. Way too much money gone as a result of that trip.  Definitely a love/hate relationship with Target!

2013-11-14  (1)

The Cub Scout wreaths have arrived!  Too early for the front door?

2013-11-14  (2)

Made this for dinner.  Yes, those are pickles on top!  I’m not a big casserole fan, but this wasn’t bad, and I loved the pickles – the more the better!

2013-11-14  (3)

What have you been up to?

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