Saturday, March 21, 2015

Our Newest Family Member {a Puppy!}

So it’s been months since I have posted on my blog. Really, it’s been more than months. Seasons have passed! Basically life happened. Then a new computer. Then a second new computer. Too many issues… It’s time to (attempt) to make a comeback. 
Our family has expanded since I last posted! We brought home a morkie (Maltese and Yorkie) puppy on September 1st and she has rocked our world ever since! Roxie has a crazy amount of energy, but we are used to that in our house :) 
Be prepared for photo overload… She’s the cutest puppy ever (we may be biased)!
Here’s ROXIE! 
Anthony’s first time holding Roxie. It was love at first sight! 
2014-09-01 (2)
Trying to convince Dad that we should bring this sweet little puppy home!
2014-09-01 (6)
Roxie’s first night at home. The boys picked out some toys and they were bigger than she was! 
2014-09-01 (20)
 2014-09-01 (22)
She was so darn cute! I just love her brown and black colors here! See? Cutest puppy ever! 
2014-09-01 (24)
Mini tennis balls – they are the size of a golf ball! 
2014-09-01 (30)
It’s hard to take a phone pic of a puppy running towards you! She went to the groomer for the first time for a good bath and some trimming up on her face. That bow… It didn’t last long, but it sure was cute! 
2014-09-10 (18)
Roxie’s first camping trip – she was given a dollar to play with. It definitely shows how teeny she was! 
Attempting to fit into an extra small harness. No such luck. 
2014-09-17 (15)
Yes, that is a frisbee. That’s where she chose to curl up and take a nap! The bell is definitely necessary – she was so tiny that we kept losing her in the house. Thanks to the bell, we can hear her sneaking all over the place :) 
2014-09-28 (11)
Roxie easily fit in her toy box… 
2014-10-14 (2)
Watching for the bus quickly became an afternoon thing. She gets so excited!! 
2014-12-01 (3)
Roxie also quickly discovered beer. She seems to like going after hubby’s Surly! 
2014-12-12 (1)
Right before the holidays in all her shaggy glory. It’s amazing how fast she became a part of our family. She’s a ton of work, but totally worth it for the joy she brings to our home. 
2014-12-23  (6)
Stay tuned, pretty sure Roxie will make semi-regular appearances around here.

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