Sunday, March 11, 2012

Trip to St. Louis

Now that it is starting to feel like spring, I am ready to start planning a trip somewhere. With the work going on in our basement, our travel budget has been significantly impacted, however I am really hoping to convince the Mr. that it would be a great idea to take a road trip to St. Louis. I’m thinking that either July or October would work good with our schedules, but we’ll see if I can convince him.
Eight years ago we drove to St. Louis and spent a few days exploring – Forest Park, the Zoo, the Budweiser Brewery, the Arch, etc. before going to visit some of my family in southern Illinois for a few more days. When I think of that trip, I think about how much fun I had taking pictures of all of the animals at the zoo. For a free zoo, it was AWESOME! There are two of my favorite photos from the trip and they have not been edited. I’m not even sure what camera we used, but I’m pretty sure it was our first digital “point and shoot” camera because I remember downloading the pictures in our hotel room.
2004-04-07 St. Louis Zoo (39)
2004-04-07 St. Louis Zoo (42)
Wish me luck on planning this trip!!

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