Sunday, June 9, 2013

Biking 100 Miles! {Fun for kids}

Summer of Biking 100 Miles by MomsGonnaSnap
This past week I met a friend for dinner and we were talking about things we planned to do with our kids this summer.  She set a goal with her boys to ride 100 miles on their bikes this summer, which is a great goal!  She had found some great ideas of tracking the miles (on Pinterest, of course!), and planned to created a chart with her boys.

I thought it sounded fun, so I mentioned the idea to Anthony, and he was NOT interested.  Over the past couple days we have been going on lots of bike rides and tracking our miles for fun, and he has now decided it’s a good idea!  I have to admit, I was pretty excited that he was so interested!

This afternoon I quickly created a table in MS Word and then set Anthony down at my computer to fill in the 100’s chart (just like he did in 1st grade).  He had to add his own special note at the bottom, too.  He cracks me up!

Summer of 100 Miles by MomsGonnaSnap
Interested in a free copy (without my son’s notes on the bottom)?  Just shoot me an email at and I will gladly email it to you! 

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