Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tickling the Ivories {1st Piano Recital}

Last weekend we celebrated another first in our family – Anthony’s 1st Piano Recital!  He was incredibly nervous, but he did his best and we are extremely proud!

Doesn’t he look handsome all dressed up?  His hair is SPIKED.  If you know Anthony, you know that he LOVES having his hair spiked.

2013-06-01 Recital Day
Here he is right before he went up to play.  He was crazy nervous!!

2013-06-01 (11)e
2013-06-01 (14)e
Doesn’t he look great sitting at that grand piano?  Seriously.bursting.with.pride.

2013-06-01 (15)e
Last but not least, here’s the big performance!

He made a few mistakes (he can play this perfectly), but given that there were approx 300 people there, and this was his first performance, he did FANTASTIC!

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