Monday, July 15, 2013

Carpet! {Basement Update}

It’s been awhile since I have posted an update on how things are going in the basement.  We have continued to work on things, and wow, have we come a long way from where we started.  Here's where we last left off.

It look a ton of discussion, but we finally made a decision about the railing for the stairway. Should it be white? Should it be stained? Should it be a combo of white and stained? If it’s a combo, which parts are stained, and which parts are white? Seriously, some decisions end up so much harder than they need to be. This one definitely took some thought.

We decided to do a combo of painted white and stained wood to help with the transition from the stained doors/trim upstairs, to the white trim downstairs.Here’s what we decided for the railing:

2013-06-11 (5)
Here we are ready for carpet! The top on the wet bar is not the top that will stay there.  That piece will actually be going on the half-wall on the right (where the extra trim is stacked).  It will be cut and stained dark like the tops on the built-in cabinets. We haven’t decided what the countertop surface on the wet bar will be yet.

2013-06-11 (18)
Here’s the spare room. You can see the wood tops on the half-walls – this will carry through the bathroom, and the family room.  We still need to trim out the windows.  They were not a necessity for carpet, which was our recent goal.  At this point the focus is on what HAS to be done to pass inspection.

2013-06-11 (26)
Here’s the family room, just waiting for carpet.  You can tell that we have been using the basement as our “finishing room” for years.  There are strange stains all over the concrete from spray paint (over spray), stain drips/spills, paint, etc.  The cabinets are still waiting for doors, shelves and crown molding. My priorities are not at the top of hubby’s list… Ha.

2013-06-11 (32)
The fireplace is my favorite thing about our basement.  I can’t wait until we have furniture to snuggle in on and enjoy a cozy fire this fall!

2013-06-11 (38)
Install day!  We snuck down and took a couple of pics during the carpet install.  It was so hard to wait all day!



The carpet is in!!!

2013-06-11 (57)

2013-06-11 (60)

2013-06-11 (61)

2013-06-11 (68)

The carpet has been in for one month, and since then we have been busy moving some furniture around.  We can FINALLY bring some things back into the basement to STAY.  It’s been 1.5 years since that has been an option.

It feels like we are close to being done, but there are still so many things to do…  Maybe we’ll be done by Christmas?  Just one year past my original goal??  We’ll see.

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