Monday, July 8, 2013

MN Twins Game

At the beginning of June we went to Target Field for a Twins game.  Hubby has always been a big fan of the MN Twins (1987 World Series, anyone?) and this year has been no different.  One of the current MN Twins pitchers, Caleb Thielbar, graduated from the same tiny high school that hubby went to, and hubby couldn’t be more thrilled to know that a Randolph graduate is actually a Minnesota Twin.  This is BIG news in such a small town (population approx 400). 

The weather was perfect for baseball, so we enjoyed a great day at the park!

2013-06-02 Twins 6
Our good friends Julie and Erik met us there – it was a blast!  Julie and I met during freshman move-in day in college and we’ve been great friends ever since.  We used to go home with each other all the time when we were in college.  One time when I was staying with her, we went out to dinner with her parents (I think we were at Olive Garden) and the waiter thought we were sisters.  We LOVED that! 

2013-06-02 Twins 5
We love hanging out with Julie and her husband. They also have the cutest little boy, but since he’s not quite two yet, he’s just not ready for a Twins game.  Maybe next year?

After Sunday games at Target Field the kids can go down on the field and run the bases.  It’s a little boy's paradise (and hubby’s too!). Since we were there for a Sunday game, we stuck around after the game so that the boys could run the bases.  It was a bit of a fiasco because we walked the wrong way around the concourse to get down on the field, but we made it. So much fun!

2013-06-02 (6)
In the photo below, hubby is wearing red (right/center of the photo) and Anthony is right in front of him.

2013-06-02 (14)

2013-06-02 Twins
They also handed out free Twins jerseys to the first bazillion kids to enter the park. By bazillion, I really mean bazillion. Nearly every kid in the ballpark was wearing the exact same jersey. Except for the kids in this photo. Total fluke. How does that happen?  There is proof just two photos up.

It was already late when we were (finally) leaving Target Field, but we stopped for the classic glove photo anyways.  I guess we just needed the photo to complete our day.

All in all, a super fun day!  Maybe we’ll even catch another game this summer?

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