Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Month in Photos {January 2014}

Janurary 2014
At the beginning of January we escaped to the Florida Keys for a few days and then boarded a cruise ship in Miami and headed to the Bahamas. We were hoping for a week of beautiful weather, but that proved to be extremely hard to find. We had some warm days (70’s), but lots of rain and rough seas on the ship. We even had to skip one of the islands because the weather was so poor. Boo! If you look at the ground in the picture above with the cruise ship, you’ll notice that it’s all wet thanks to the rain we had on our day in Key West, Florida. It was RAINING when I took the photo in the bottom center (of hubby and Anthony) – we were the only ones really out walking around in Nassau, Bahamas. We had to though, because Anthony’s godparents were just on a cruise and in Nassau the week before us, and they had created a scavenger hunt for Anthony! They had written a note on a playing card and hidden it, and then they put together directions (with pictures) to use to find the card. It was tricky with the rain, but we found it! During our few days in Key Largo, we decided to visit an alligator farm in the Everglades (on our ONLY sunny day!). We had a blast! The crazy ear protection was to protect our ears from the loud engine on the airboat during our tour looking for alligators through the swamp. The water level was pretty low and we actually ended up getting stuck and needing another airboat to come out and rescue us. It was an adventure that we will always remember! I’m not sure if our day in the Everglades was the highlight of our trip because we had so much fun, or if it’s because it was the only day when the sun was shining!

The month of January was full of….

Florida Keys
Pokemon Cards
COLD days (4 days of school canceled due to the cold)
Piano Lessons
Nassau, Bahamas
Polar Cub Camp

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