Saturday, March 1, 2014

Another (unwanted) Anniversary {Adoption}

Here we go again. Today, March 1st, marks 4 years that we have been waiting to adopt #2.

Four years.


There is no way to make that sound like a short amount of time. We also can’t say that the waiting has been easy. We have a 7-year-old who is dying to become a big brother and all we can do is tell him how much we want to make that happen too.

Earlier this month we finished up our annual round of paperwork and made the trip to the adoption agency to update our home study. Hours of time spent on paperwork and meeting with the adoption agency and checks written to maintain our status of ready and waiting. At the meeting to update our home study, we found out there is only ONE family who has been waiting longer than us. One. We asked for feedback (again) and they couldn’t give us any ideas about why we haven’t been chosen yet, it’s just a matter of a birthmother deciding we are the right family.

At this point, we are all set to wait another year.

Think Positive - 7 years ago today we received our first phone call about Anthony! School was canceled because of snow, and I just happened to be home when his birth-grandma called and started the process.

We are so thankful for that phone call and the craziness our family has endured in the 7 years since we brought him home. We will be celebrating Gotcha Day later this month!

Please know that we appreciate the love, support and prayers we receive from everyone. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you hear about a potential situation.

When we have updates, we will share them.

Until then, we wait.

More about our family waiting to adopt here.

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