Friday, March 28, 2014

He’s still running! {half-marathon}

A couple years ago handy hubby started running. Initially it was for exercise and to drop a few pounds, but as it turns out, he actually seems to enjoy running!  His last big race was Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth last June, but he has continued to run and has maintained his ability to run pretty solid distances. Since he is able to head out each week on approx 10 mile runs, it didn’t seem to take much training for him to run another half-marathon. I know, I know, easy for me to say – I typically sleep in while he runs! In any case, I’m super proud of him for his dedication to running and continuing to push himself to stay in such great shape!

It was a SUPER cold day (maybe a high of 8 degrees?) so there was no way I was going to take Anthony, find a place to park, walk to the finish line and stand around waiting with him. Sorry, hubby, we didn't see the race finale, but we did our best to support you! Before the race I had checked out the route and figured out a few good locations to be waiting to cheer him on. The first stop was in a park, about 1.5 miles into the race. We were able to cheer for him and we didn’t even have to get out of the car! Perfect!

He’s the guy in the neon yellow jacket with the black pants with a white stripe – near the center of the picture below.

2014-02-09 (7)

2014-02-09 (8)
We were cheering as loud as the two of us could – he obviously heard us!

2014-02-09 (9)e
Hubby knew we were planning to be at two locations, so we surprised him with a 3rd location in-between when he was expecting us. I believe this location was 3-4 miles into the race. Anthony thought the swing would be a good spot to wait, but then he decided the swing was too cold. It was FREEZING cold!!

2014-02-09 (12)
Here he comes!

2014-02-09 (15)
There were a few other people watching the race by us and everyone clapped and cheered for every runner. Of course that got Anthony cheering too! 

2014-02-09 (18)

2014-02-09 (21)e

2014-02-09 (22)
High fives for dad!

2014-02-09 (23)
Anthony really wanted to join him, but hubby was running too fast at this point!

2014-02-09 (24)
There he goes!

2014-02-09 (26)
This was taken at our last stop – Anthony was able to run along with him for a little bit!

2014-02-09 (31)

2014-02-09 (32)

2014-02-09 (35)

2014-02-09 (36)
Definitely a blurry pic, but I had to include it to show hubby’s eye-lashes and the ear-cycle hanging by his left ear - BRRR!!!

2014-02-09 (37)
Almost to the finish line - about 1.5 miles to go!

2014-02-09 (39)
At this point, the next big race he’s registered for is the Tough Mudder this summer. Until then, he is continuing to run during this freezing cold winter we have been experiencing. Run hubby run!

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