Monday, January 2, 2012

DIY Dry Erase Boards and an Updated Bulletin Board

Tomorrow I go back to work after having 10+ days off – it’s going to be rough getting back into the routine of going to bed early so that I can get out of bed in the morning.
My office at work is a pretty neglected space and definitely would not be considered a “happy” space. A few weeks ago I decided to make a couple quick and easy updates to my office to make it a little more functional and to add a pop of color.
I started with this ugly old bulletin board from my college days and two cheap picture frames from Goodwill (approx $3 each).
2011-11-05 (1)
A quick trip to Lowe’s led to Anthony picking a color of paint – a bright and glossy (ugh!) blue! A little painters tape on the bulletin board, a disassembling of the frames, and a quick couple coats of spray paint, and they were all set! Two new blue frames turned into dry erase boards (just write on the glass) and an updated bulletin board.
The painting over my desk was done years ago by my hairdresser and my hubby bought it for me for Valentine’s Day one year. It says: Give More. See More. Laugh More. Hear More. Love More. Play More. Be More. I love it!!
It’s a minor update to a pretty ugly office, but it helped to add some color and they have been functional too!

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