Monday, January 30, 2012

Master Bedroom Updated (finally!)

A few months ago we painted our master bedroom and swapped out the bedding, curtains, etc. I have already shared our updated photo wall and promised to share pictures of the newly changed room. To be honest, I was waiting to post until I could finally put a few finishing touches on the room (like ironing the curtains! Don’t look too closely!) but a couple months later that still hasn't happened, so I decided to just go ahead and share.

Here is how the room looks now:

2011-10-01 (14)
The red/white thing by the bed is a fire ladder. Our bedroom is on the 2nd floor and there is a 2-story drop to the ground from our windows. Safety first!

2011-10-01 (10)

Click here for more info about the photo wall.

2011-10-01 (12)
2011-10-01 (18)

These pictures make the bed look super tiny, but it really is a queen. We definitely have the room for a King, but they don’t make this bed anymore and we are just fine with the queen. It works for us.

What changes have you been making in your home?

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