Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello 2012!

Here are our Plans, Hopes and Dreams for 2012 -
  • Adopt a baby! We have been waiting to adopt #2 for nearly 2 years – this is the average wait time at our adoption agency, so we are hoping to be chosen soon. Keeping our fingers crossed that it will happen sooner than later!
  • I am working on making some changes to my work schedule to allow for more family time. No changes will happen for months, but our fingers are crossed that there will be a good option that will work for our family.
  • Start working on finishing the basement. Our basement is currently the catch-all for storing anything and everything that we are not currently using. We have spent the morning working on re-organizing some closets to make room to store some of the things from the basement. Hubby is also working on a storage option in the “attic” above our garage. The basement needs to be pretty much cleared out before we can get started.
  • Hubby has a goal to run a half marathon – I’m sure he will, I just wonder when??
  • Eat less, exercise more! This is your goal too, right?!?
  • Learn how to use our new Canon 60D! I LOVE taking pictures, especially of children playing outside. Along with this goal – spend more time learning how to use Photoshop.
2011-12-31 (3)(We celebrated at home with some NA sparkling grape for Anthony)
Happy New Year!

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