Sunday, February 5, 2012

Basement Progress

It’s only been one week, but with some framing, duct work and plumbing all going on, it feels like things are moving along nice and quick. So quick that I have to keep reminding myself that there is a ton of work involved with the rest of the plumbing, electrical, etc. Our goal is that the basement will be ready for Christmas 2012 and after just one week, it sure feels like we are on the right track.
2012-01-28 (3)
Duct work – see the funky shape in the ceiling (like a rectangle with a
rounded corner)? My hubby had to re-do the duct work to fill in that
space and
re-route to access the new bathroom.
2012-01-28 (5)
Hard at work!
2012-01-29 (5)
The head lamp looks dorky, but it sure is handy! Notice he’s installing the
funky shaped duct work here.
2012-01-29 (6)
Part of the drywall has been taken down to open up the stairs. It’s amazing what a big difference something so small made. We had to leave the temporary wall (put in to meet code when we built the house) and railing there for safety, but someday it will be taken down and replaced with a nice new railing.
2012-02-01 (4)
The walls are going up! The back room will be a bedroom and the little room on the right is the bathroom.
2012-02-04 (189)
He has set up a temporary shop in our basement.
Oh the dust we will live with over the next year!
2012-02-04 (190)
Plumbing… So far his least favorite.
2012-02-05 (10)
This was an “oops” piece. Don’t quit your day job! HaHa….
It probably doesn’t look like much to you, but wow, we can sure see the difference. Now, who wants to come over and help speed this project along?!?

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