Sunday, February 26, 2012

Basement Progress

Work on the basement slowed over the last couple weeks, but we do have some updates to share! These pictures should show some of the changes. It looks like progress to us!

2012-02-26 (7)

We have a wide row of duct work – makes for a super wide soffit.

2012-02-26 (8)

Getting the soffit framed in was great progress this weekend.
We had some help – my father-in-law and brother-in-law were here.
After just a few hours they had it all framed up!

2012-02-26 (10)

There has also been some plumbing work going on over the last two weeks.
Handy hubby has not done much plumbing work before, so this is a new skill he has picked up from reading books from the library and searching online.
His Dad and Step-Mom gave him this torch for Christmas.
Little did we know, he would attempt to burn down our house with it!

2012-02-19 (14)

The studs were actually on fire. As in flames, on the walls of our home. Luckily he was able to put the fire out quickly! Just like in the pic above, he had bent some steel to be behind the copper while he was soldering, but it clearly wasn’t enough.

2012-02-19 (1)

He installed the valves (with the yellow handles that go up) and then started running the copper pipes over to the bathroom. In the left corner you can see the remnants of the little fire. Some quick action to smother the fire with his gloves took care of it. Whew!

2012-02-19 (4)

Here we have the beginning of fire #2, but there were no flames on this one.

2012-02-19 (3)

Progress is happening. We can see things starting to take shape! Unfortunately, things will stay like this for awhile now while the electrical work, more plumbing, etc. happen. Regardless, I am hopeful we’ll have the basement ready for Christmas!

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