Friday, October 26, 2012

Break from School {Go-Karts and Superheroes}

Anthony just started back at school on Monday after being on break from school for 3 weeks.  The 45/15 schedule seems to work really well for him.  More about that here.  Anthony spent the 3rd week of his break with his grandparents in Iowa.  This was his longest trip away from home and overall, he did great!  Initially he was bummed because he wasn’t big enough to drive their go-kart.  Then grandpa got a little crafty and worked out a solution….

Pay close attention around 2:30 into the video.

Did you see the wood blocks attached to the pedals so Anthony could reach them?  Craziness!

After spending 5 nights in Iowa, Anthony came home!  It sure was quiet without him at home.  We had great plans to go out every night then we both go sick.  Ugh!  We definitely need to find a couple regular baby-sitters so we can get out more…

When he came home, Anthony brought his grandparents with him and the chaos continued at our house with a little superhero action!

2012-10-19 (7)

2012-10-19 (10)

2012-10-19 (17)

2012-10-19 (18)

Pretending to be a superhero will never get old!

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