Monday, October 22, 2012


This weekend we made a trip to the local orchard to get pumpkins. Anthony had a blast checking everything out (especially the corn mazes - yes, more than one!) and of course I enjoyed following him around taking pictures!

2012-10-21 (3)

2012-10-21 (25)e2

2012-10-21 (44)e

2012-10-21 (143)e

2012-10-21 (158)e

On the way to the orchard I was remembering the first time we took Anthony to find a pumpkin.  He was 15 months old and it was such a quiet morning. He wandered around checking out all those pumpkins.  It was perfect!

2007-10-20 (5)

2007-10-20 (10)

Unfortunately, it was also a little muddy…

2007-10-20 (23)

It’s amazing how much fun we can have picking out pumpkins!

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