Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Keith West Magic Show

Last night we attended a magic show put by Keith West.  It was a Las Vegas style show and super family friendly. At different times he came out into the crowd and picked kids to help with his show. One of those times he picked Anthony! 

Anthony was THRILLED to be on stage!  He had been waving his arm wildly to be chosen!

It was really tricky to take photos from where we were sitting, but we sure tried !

2012-11-17 Magic Show

The magician had this yellow box…  (and check out that showgirl!)

2012-11-17 (2)

He took one of Anthony’s smelly shoes and put it in the box to “wash” it…

2012-11-18 Magic Show

They turned the machine on to wash the shoe…

2012-11-17 (7)

The machine smoked and smoked and Anthony’s shoe came out as just a rubber sole.

2012-11-17 (8)

Then the magician had this bag, did a little magic, and was able to put Anthony’s shoe back together.

2012-11-17 Magic Show

Here’s a video that hubby took with his iPhone!


It was a FUN night!

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