Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Backyard Tire Swing

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

In our case, when life gives you a flat tire, use an old tire to make a tire swing!

On our way home from Iowa in July, we ended up with a flat tire on our camper. Luckily we had a full-size spare and we had no trouble changing the tire.  (This is one of those times where “we” means handy hubby).

After buying a new set of camper tires, hubby kept one of the old tires (saved the $3 recycling fee!) and picked up a rope and carabineers to make a tire swing in the backyard.  The best part?  We can unhook the tire swing and hang up a disc swing in about 20 seconds. 

Putting together a backyard swing is really pretty simple!  The funniest part was when hubby tied the rope to a hammer and threw the hammer up and over the branch.  Except the hammer didn’t go over the branch.  It got stuck.  It took some finagling, but he worked it out and even saved his hammer!  The branch is WAY up there, so it was a bit tricky!

Can you tell what Anthony thinks of his new swing?

2013-08-04 (17)e
2013-08-04 (19)e
2013-08-04 (49)e
2013-08-04 (72)e
2013-08-04 (84)e
2013-08-04 (88)e
Did you notice that single crooked tooth? Of course you did. How could you not?  His smile is one million times cuter without that tooth!

This swing is used almost daily!  He loves it!

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