Saturday, September 14, 2013

Labor Day Weekend {Northern Minnesota}

If you follow on Instagram, you know that we were in northern MN for Labor Day weekend. I also mentioned it here. For years we used to go “up north” several times during the summer, but in the last few years we just haven’t made it happen. The drive is long – it takes about 5 hours of driving when we are pulling our camper, and that’s if we can avoid rush hour traffic through the Twin Cities.  We always love being there though!

Hubby’s grandparents bought two lots on a remote lake years and years ago. Over the years they have gradually made changes to the property – from adding an outhouse to electricity to running water and a sewer system.  There have been various trailers, multiple sheds, etc.  Now there is a permanent camper, a deck, gas grill, etc. that always stays there, ready for any of us to use.

We have never been “at the lake” without hubby’s family.  It just wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t have some of them there.

Here’s a few highlights from our trip!

Hanging out on the deck, playing a few games.  (There’s those teeth again…or lack there of!!!)

2013-08-31 (3)e
All set to go kayaking.  Is he cool, or what?!?

2013-08-31 (31)
2013-08-31 (32)
This little kayak has worked great for Anthony.  He loves being in control of his own “boat”. The only bummer is that he definitely gets wet. Not soaked, but wet. We don’t usually get very wet all all with our kayaks – just a few drips off the paddles.

2013-08-31 (38)e
Father-son time – these two make such a great team!

2013-08-31 (49)
There they go! Headed to the “sandbar” for some swimming.

2013-08-31 (59)
Can you see Anthony?  He’s standing on the sandbar in the middle of the lily-pads!

2013-08-31 (64)
This is one of Anthony’s favorite things to do with his kayak – surf!

2013-08-31 (69)
Fishing with the big boys.  It was fun to see them fishing near the dock.

2013-09-01 (3)
2013-09-01 (6)
I know I already shared both of these on Instagram, but I just love them. Besides, they were part of this trip, so they belong in this post too!

2013-09-01 fishing
2013-09-01 fishing
The boys went out for one last fishing trip the last morning we were up north. Anthony was a little chilly, so Grandpa shared his coat with him! Oh, and pretty sure handy hubby is to blame for the crooked pic. It wasn't me - I didn't even go out on the boat once this trip!

 Such a proud fisherman!

Here we are all set to leave with our truck, camper and kayaks in the background.  The others were staying one more day, but we had to get home for work and school the next day.

Northern Minnesota is truly a beautiful place. It’s calm, quiet and peaceful. I am so thankful that we made it work to spend a long weekend up at the lake with hubby’s family.

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