Friday, November 18, 2011

A New Sign….

Last weekend my hubby and son decided to put up our Christmas lights. Since we live in Minnesota, it is definitely necessary to put them up before the snow and ice that will be arriving soon. Especially since they have to go up on our roof. But, let’s not talk about the snow - it's too depressing! I belong in a MUCH warmer climate!!
They did all of our decorating outside, including bringing up the little trees that we set by the front door. Once the Christmas decorations were out, they decided my pumpkin welcome sign had to come off the post and my son quickly set to work making a new sign. I apologize for the poor quality iPhone photos, but here is the sign he quickly made to welcome friends and family to our home:
2011-11-13 sign  (1)2011-11-13 sign  (2)2011-11-13 sign  (7)
I love the “Welcome” sign with the little Christmas tree – it’s perfect!

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