Sunday, November 13, 2011

Photo Wall Update

A couple months ago I changed up the wall of photos in our bedroom. I posted about that here. I promised to post an update when the pictures were all finally changed and the wall was officially done. It took much longer than anticipated (lost motivation anyone?!?) but it’s finally “done” – at least for now! Most of the photos were taken by us, however there are a handful of pictures that were recently taken by Krissy McCabe. We have known her for years, my hubby actually went to school with her – pretty sure they met in 1st grade, maybe even kindergarten. If you are in need of a photographer, check her out!

Here is the updated photo wall:

2011-11-05 (10)

Please don’t look too closely at the curtains. They still need ironed. Remember that lost motivation? Guess there are still things to complete in this room…

2011-11-05 (12)

Like the pic of the super cute 5-year-old with his face in his hands? We do too! That’s the work of Krissy McCabe Photography. So are the pictures both above and below. We love them!

2011-11-05 (15)

Here’s a bonus shot of the display on the other side of the room:

2011-11-05 (8)

The painting was painted by my Grandma years ago. It’s a painting of a cat we had when I was in high school. We are lucky enough to have at least 9 oil paintings that my Grandma painted.

The photo wall is complete! Once I finally get those curtains ironed, I will share the bedroom before/after pictures.

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