Wednesday, November 23, 2011

If you sell at least 25 items….

At the start of the school year, Anthony brought home a fundraising packet and was convinced that he was going to sell enough items (25) to get a limo ride. We definitely were not so sure – 25 items is a lot! He made a list of who he wanted to try to sell his items to, and started out with one of the grandparents, who bought 3 items. A few days later he stopped over to the neighbor’s house to make a sale. She “borrowed” the fundraising books for a couple hours and came back with an order for 22 items! Anthony sold a few more items after that, but his fundraising push definitely slowed once he knew he had “earned” the limo ride.
Last Monday all of the kids who sold 25+ items had the chance to jump in the limo and take a spin to the new McDonald’s for an ice cream cone. They were THRILLED!
2011-11-21 (2)
A Hummer limo!
2011-11-21 (6)
This was the first group, all ready to go!
2011-11-21 (8)
SO excited for the chance to cruise around town in a limo!
After a ride like this, I can’t help but wonder what the expectations will be when this fundraiser comes around again next year!

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