Saturday, April 21, 2012

Almost Inspection Time

Work in the basement has been continuing, but there really are not many photo worthy changes. Quite honestly, it feels like not much has changed. There is not much to see except the completion of wrapping wood around a metal support post. (unless of course you are excited to see the wiring and plumbing within the walls, which I am not)
There are a few things left to do before we have the inspector come:
  • Wire the last wall sconce
  • Run TV and Ethernet cables
  • Add air-to-air exchanger timer in bathroom
  • Finish wiring outlet in the post
  • Install wet bar circuit breaker
  • Label the circuits on the electronic panel
Once the inspector comes, we will be ready for drywall! Initially I was really excited about getting the drywall up because I thought it meant that we are almost done. Then I realized that having drywall is no where close to being done. In an effort to make it feel like we are continuing to make progress, I decided to make a list of what we still need to do before the basement is completed.
Here is what still needs to be done:
    • Electrical/Plumbing/Framing Inspection
    • Re-insulate and put up vapor barrier
    • Vapor barrier inspection
    • Hang Drywall
    • Mud and tape drywall
    • Sand walls
    • Knockdown ceilings
    • Paint (family, hall, bathroom, bedroom, closets)
    • Trim (paint, cut and install)
    • Hang doors (6 doors)
    • Wire one last wall sconce at top of stairs
    • Pick out Carpet, install
    • Install light fixtures and outlets
    • Build bathroom vanity
    • Tile by patio door
    • Tile bathroom floor
    • Frame shower niche
    • Tile shower
    • Install toilet
    • Install shower hardware
    • Install bathroom sink and faucet
    • Build lower and upper wet bar cabinets, stain and install
    • Build the TV cabinet, paint and install
    • Build the bookshelf, paint and install
    • Pick out, buy and install cabinet hardware
    • Install under cabinet lights
    • Stone on the fireplace
    • Build and install fireplace hearth
    • Build and install fireplace mantle
    • Fireplace guys return to complete fireplace set-up
    • Build and install stairway railing and stairway trim
    • Pick out and buy mini fridge
    • Pick out and buy mini microwave
    • Pick out and buy bar sink and faucet – install
    • Pick out and buy TV
    • Start saving $$$ to buy furniture and d├ęcor for the basement because we will be out of $$$….
Now that we have a list this long, I’m not so sure the list was a good idea…. More bad news is that there are many things not even included on this list – like the regular clean-up that has to occur because of our crazy kitty who likes to roll around in the sawdust on the concrete floor of the basement. Lucky for us, she has long hair, so she gracefully brings a TON of sawdust chunks upstairs with her…okay, so maybe we aren't so lucky....
Completion target date: December 2012
With a list like this, do you think we can make our goal?!?

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