Friday, April 6, 2012

Time for a Haircut!

For the last couple weeks we have been talking about how Anthony has needed a haircut, but just never got around to getting the job done. With Easter this weekend, we (in this case, “we” means me!) decided that it was time. Of course he was just given a “Mommy cut” and wasn’t taken to Christy (my hairdresser, that he also prefers cuts his hair) because that would require us to plan ahead and have an appointment scheduled. With our obvious procrastination with this haircut, that just wasn’t an option this time.
BEFORE: (shaggy hat hair)
2012-04-06 (11)
2012-04-06 (12)
AFTER: (Short!)
2012-04-06 (17) 2012-04-06 (14)
Much improved – especially with that silly face!

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