Saturday, April 7, 2012

The fireplace is in!

This week was our school’s Spring Break, so the 3 of us were all “off” from school and work. Work has continued in the basement – mostly electrical so there really is not much to see. Except for the fireplace that was installed this week! Obviously it is not ready to use yet (we are months away from using it) but it’s still an exciting milestone to have passed! The electrical work has actually made it feel like we have taken a step backwards since so much of the insulation has been removed from the walls, but we truly are moving forward. They say sometimes things have to get worse before they get better. I definitely feel like we are in that stage right now.
Here are a few pics to show where we are in the basement -
2012-04-05 (190)
Notice the new lights in the ceiling? It’s nice and bright!
2012-04-05 (198)
The picture below allows for the best visualization of the final fireplace wall. The TV cabinet will be built on the right side of the fireplace in the corner at a slight angle. There will be cabinets below and either doors or open shelving above. We are planning to take the cabinet all the way to the ceiling. On the left of the fireplace will be floor to ceiling shelving with doors at the bottom. Can you picture it?
2012-04-05 (203)
When the inspector came to inspect the fireplace he also completed the inspection on the ductwork (all clear!). In 2-3 weeks we should be ready for the inspection of the plumbing and electrical. Then comes the drywall and everything will really start to take shape!

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