Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Family Room!

The end of the school year has brought on a new kind of chaos for our family – the start of T-Ball!  With T-Ball games two nights/week, hubby’s softball, the deck project that was squeezed in, and camping, progress on the basement has really slowed down.  Once the deck is done, we can focus a little more on the basement again, but it’s going to be slow going this summer.  Oh wait, it’s been slow going all along!  Slow and steady wins the race, right?!?

Since I last posted about the basement, we have made some progress.  Initially we started with the green paint, and we have since continued on with more color!

Here is Anthony having some fun painting next to the fireplace, where the TV cabinet will be built-in, covering this entire wall.
2012-06-03 (12)

Anthony created quite the masterpiece!  Notice the A, heart, and Sonic (for Sonic the Hedgehog).
2012-06-03 (19)

Then it was time for some more COLOR!
2012-06-03 (25)

At first these colors together made us really nervous.  (Especially me!)  Hubby let me make the final decision on paint colors, although he was quick to remind me how much painting and trim work it would require to change if we didn’t like it.  When we started working on the basement, I decided it was time to have some fun and just “go for it!” with the design.  When we built our house 9 (!!!) years ago, we were very cautious and it took years to make changes to the house to truly make it “ours”.  With the basement, we are having some FUN and creating a style that is much different from the rest of our house.
2012-06-08 (6)

The funny unpainted corner will be covered by the wet bar cabinets.  With the blend of woods and white trim we have planned, we are pretty sure we are going to be very happy with these colors.  So far, so good!
2012-06-08 (8)

Once we pulled out the blue paint, Anthony was also sure to get in on the action!
2012-06-20 (3)

Most of the outlets have been installed and we can actually leave some of the power on in the basement now!  This means that we can turn the lights on with the wall switches, instead of making a trip to the fuse box!  PROGRESS!
2012-06-20 (6)

Here is the fireplace/TV/bookcase wall.  Can you see Anthony’s artwork over in the corner behind the ladder (that I was too lazy to move)?
2012-06-20 (9)

The rest of the basement (bedroom, bathroom, closets) has been primed and is just waiting for us to find some time to paint.  It may be another couple weeks before we get to it.  The doors have been ordered and should be in any day now too.  Hubby is planning on my help when he installs the doors – hopefully we can make that process go smoothly!

In addition to the basement, we are also stripping/sanding our deck and will then re-stain it.  Of course we have to work around the weather, and this past week there have been lots of storms working their way through MN.  This next week looks PERFECT for deck staining, so I am envisioning some hard and hot work in our future.

Any volunteers to help?  You can pick the project you want to help with!!

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