Saturday, June 23, 2012

T-Ball Time!

A couple of weeks ago Anthony started playing T-Ball two nights a week with the Youth Baseball Association.  He is having a blast and his team (all kindergarteners this past year) is so much fun to watch!

Anthony is up to bat…
2012-06-11 (18)

Heading on home!
2012-06-11 (26)

Eyes on home plate!
2012-06-11 (27)

They rotate positions – Anthony started out as the pitcher!
See my hubby in the upper left corner?  He’s one of the Assistant Coaches.
2012-06-11 (38)

Got it!
2012-06-11 (45)

Up to bat…
2012-06-11 (52)

Heading home again – check out that tongue!
2012-06-11 (64)

Little more tongue action – this just cracks me up!
2012-06-11 (65)

2012-06-11 (67)

Patiently waiting for his turn to hit…
2012-06-11 (71)

I put this picture on Instagram last week – are you on Instagram?  My username is momsgonnasnap.
2012-06-11 TBall

Anyone want to come watch a game with me?

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