Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dad’s I know, but especially to my own Dad, husband, father-in-law and step father-in-law.  I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful day today!  Thankfully Father’s Day does not hit me with the same emotions that Mother’s Day does.

This weekend we celebrated Father’s Day by taking our camper out for the first time this summer (gasp!).  Usually by now we have been out approx. 4 times, so it’s really late in the MN camping season for us to be just getting started.  The basement has been taking up all of our camping time...  We need to work on finding some balance between work and play!

Today I am celebrating with one of the GREAT father’s in my life, and here’s what I can tell you -

Great father’s always dress up funny…  (playing with a photo booth at a wedding)
2011-11-11 (90)

Great father’s always cover their son’s eyes on rides….  (the smile on Anthony’s face shows that they were clearly having a great time!)
2011-10-20 (92)

Great father’s go on roller coasters…  (Anthony LOVES this coaster at Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America)
2011-10-20 (95)

Great father’s scare their children to death on big rides…  (for the record, later in the day they tried this one again and he LOVED it!)
2011-10-20 (18)

Great father’s are gentle, kind and loving!
2011-04-24 (159)

My husband is such a GREAT father – don’t you agree??

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