Friday, June 1, 2012

Just a little drywall dust…

Okay, little is an understatement!  The drywall process is officially done, except for the cleaning phase that comes after.  When I left for work this morning the guys were hard at work sanding in the basement and when I came home, nearly 10 hours later, this is what I found covering the entire main floor of our house:

2012-06-01 Drywall Dust

Of course it’s easy to imagine that we have not cleaned in months, however, I assure you, this cabinet was dusted just 7 days ago.  This is fresh, fresh from today. 

I have been working hard to wipe the layer of filth off of everything upstairs while handy hubby is in the basement using the shop-vac to vacuum every inch of the new walls – using a 3 in” diameter brush.  Needless to say, he has been at it for awhile…

Wish us luck that we might actually finish priming the basement and start putting some color on the walls this weekend!  Want to know what colors we picked?  They are FUN and BRIGHT!

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