Friday, July 13, 2012

It was a Golden Birthday!

Last week Anthony turned 6 on the 6th!  He was quick to tell everyone that it was his Golden Birthday and we had a great time celebrating his birthday camping with family in Clear Lake, Iowa.

Here are a few pics from our backyard photo shoot.  Initially he was GROUCHY and did not want his picture taken. After we headed down to play, he became a total ham!

2012-07-11 (20)
So not interested in having his picture taken…

2012-07-11 (45)
Look Mom!  One hand!

2012-07-11 (115)

2012-07-11 (135)

2012-07-11 (149)

2012-07-11 (164)
He said he was holding up the tree with his elbow.

2012-07-11 (169)

2012-07-11 (179)

2012-07-11 (192)
“I’m six!”

2012-07-11 (250)
Are we done yet?!?

Happy 6th Birthday Anthony!

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