Monday, July 30, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

On July 1st we met some good friends at Target Field in St. Paul to see the Minnesota Twins play against the Kansas City Royals.  It was a HOT day – 91 degrees at game time and our seats were in full sun.  Our only chance at shade was to pray for a cloud, and unfortunately for us, it was not a cloudy day.  The sun was so hot that we spent the majority of the game standing down on the lower level (in the shade) praying for a breeze.  We all went to a game together last year too – in the middle of May – and FROZE.  It was raining/sleeting/snowing during most of the game.  We were hoping to be warmer this year and we definitely had HEAT, just a little too much….

Anthony and I were all set for the game to start!
At the MN Twins game

One of my Besties – we met in college and have been GREAT friends ever since!
Julie and I ready for the HEAT!

She’s super fun and brings out the CRAZY in my hubby!  I love it!!!
Mitch and Julie (taken by Anthony!)

We gave Anthony the camera and let him take a group shot – 
his photography skills are improving with age!
Erik, Julie, Shawna and Mitch (photo taken by Anthony)

Regardless of the heat, we had a GREAT time!  Looking forward to next year – I wonder what the weather will be like???

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  1. Hopefully the weather will be in between the two games. They were both extreme! I'll take a 75 degree day, mostly sunny :) Super fun time!!!! We LOVE this tradition with you guys!!!!!!