Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lake Time!

A few weeks ago we enjoyed some time with good friends at one of their parent’s homes on a lake in Wisconsin.  We managed to squeeze a lot of fun into a short amount of time – swimming in the lake, paddle boating, playing outside, kayaking, a boat ride, swinging, drinks in the rain, and attending the local community celebration/dance.

We were there to celebrate this cute little girl's 5th Birthday!
2012-08-04 (100)
 These two are great friends!
2012-08-05 (1)
 Here is one of our god-daughters – isn’t she cute?!?
2012-08-05 (16)
 Anthony thought he was hot stuff driving the boat!  Such a crazy smile!
2012-08-05 (25)
This swing was a big hit – you would think with 12 oak trees in our backyard, we would have at least one good branch, but so far, no luck finding one!
2012-08-05 (58)
 Even my hubby got in on the lake fun – check out that form!  HA!
2012-08-04 (41)
 There is nothing quite like running and leaping off the end of a dock!
2012-08-05 (158)
 It’s always good to run and jump with a friend!
2012-08-05 (230)
 Ready, set, GO!
2012-08-05 (209)
We sure had fun with our friends!

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