Monday, August 27, 2012

Toothless and the Tooth Fairy!

Today was a really big day for Anthony.  A few weeks ago we discovered that he had an adult tooth coming in behind his baby teeth, creating a 2nd row of teeth (affectionately referred to as his shark tooth).  Around that time I posted about his shark tooth and shared this picture that was taken on August 1st -

2012-08-01 (1)

About a week later, tooth number 2 broke through, again, right behind his baby teeth, leaving him with not one, but two shark teeth.

Here is what his teeth looked like a week and a half ago - (those baby teeth would NOT wiggle!)


Today we went to the dentist and took this cute little smile from this -

5 + 1 = 6

to this -

2012-08-27 Dentist (4)


Then tonight we pulled out this fun little tooth pillow (made by Grandma!) and left two little teeth for the Tooth Fairy to find – there should be a happy little boy in the morning!

2012-08-27 Tooth Fairy Pillow

Oh, and guess what?!? It’s still a cute little smile!!!  Love you Anthony!!!

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