Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pulling Teeth and the Tooth Fairy

Pretty sure we are going to be meeting the Tooth Fairy soon!  Also pretty sure the tooth fairy is going to be paying up for multiple teeth….

2012-08-01 (1)

We have been joking that Anthony must be part shark, as he now has 2 teeth making a 2nd row of teeth on the bottom.  When I called his dentist (a pediatric dentist) they advised lots of wiggling of the baby teeth and scheduled an appointment to have the baby teeth pulled if they do not come out on their own.  We have been wiggling and wiggling and wiggling and those baby teeth just will NOT move.  Oh boy.  Lucky for us, we have just over a week to keep wiggling! 

What is the going rate for a tooth?  This will be the Tooth Fairy’s first stop at our house!


  1. The dentist pulled two today! He was a trooper! We went out for ice cream afterwards :)