Saturday, August 18, 2012

Laundry Room Updated

When I first started this blog, it was my goal to use this blog to document our home and the changes we make, as well as random doings of our family.  I have managed to post a lot about our family and the changes to our basement (want to see?  Click on the "basement" label on the right side of the screen) but I have not done much to document the rest of our home.  So, it's time!  Here's a peek at our laundry room!

In an effort to be more green and update our laundry room, we purchased a new washer and dryer – front loaders.  Of course once we set them up, I knew that we immediately needed stands to raise them up higher. At $200 per stand, we had said “No thanks!” when we purchased the washer and dryer.  Initially I started re-thinking that decision, but then I was able to convince my hand hubby to build stands - assuming he could build something that would be strong enough to support the washer and dryer and still have storage inside.

We had no idea at the time that this would be one of those projects that led to another project, which led to another project, which led to another project... The work in this room just kept going and going.

Once the stands were built and we put the new washer and dryer up on top, it took just one load of clothes to know that we needed to add something to stabilize the shake from the washer.  Hubby found some type of shock absorber pads to put under the feet of the washer and dryer and they worked beautifully to control the shake.  The problem was that they raised the washer and dryer up an extra 1.5 inches, so they no longer fit under the cupboard above.  UGH!  This meant that we could either rebuild the just custom built washer/dryer stands or raise the cabinets approx 1.5 inches.  We opted to move the cabinets, which led to taking down and raising 2 cabinets, which led to needing to paint the laundry room.  Like I said, one thing led to another…


At least we picked a bright and HAPPY color!

2011-01-29 (1)

You can see the frames of the stands below.  They remained open for awhile, during the construction of the drawers.  In this photo the drawer slides have been installed, so the drawers went in shortly after.

2011-01-29 (4)

For awhile we put the same “stuff” back in and lived with the room like this... Blah...

2011-11-03 (2)

The best part of the laundry room was eventually pulling out some of the Coca-Cola products I had collected throughout my teenage/college/adult years to decorate!  Plus I was given a few new Coca-Cola metal signs as Christmas gifts this past year, so they just added to the d├ęcor.

2012-06-28 Laundry Room (2)

The paintings are oil paintings that were painted by my Grandmother – and the funky white thing below them is a collapsible drying rack that I found at The Container Store (it works great!).

2012-06-28 Laundry Room (16)

It’s a busy little space – color wise and traffic wise, but it works for us!

2012-06-28 Laundry Room (17)

Hubby did a nice job building the drawer/stands for the washer and dryer, right? His father built all of the cabinets in our home and hubby did a great job building these stands to match.  I am lucky to have such talent in the family! This project took much longer than we had planned for, but it is so much nicer to do laundry now!

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