Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bow and Arrows

The weather in Minnesota today was not great for playing outside – freezing rain/sleet/snow. So how do we make sure Anthony gets a little exercise in on days like this? When he’s lucky, he gets to play active games on the Wii!

The photo below was taken after the sports games – when he could play a “sit down” game (Super Mario Wii).

2013-01-27 Wii (e)

While playing Wii Sports Resort, he was having a blast playing the Archery game.  Then he said, “I’m an expert with the bow and arrow. It’s because I’m part Native American. They have bow and arrows.” 

Yes, he is part Native American. However, this was a reminder that we need to educate him a bit more on his background. Where should we start??

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