Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hello 2013!

Here are our Plans, Hopes and Dreams for 2013!

  • Adopt a baby. Yes, this was at the top of the list last year too. This is going to be our year though, right?!?
  • Finish the basement. Yes, finish. As in completion. We are well underway and the basement will be done. Stay tuned…
  • Hubby will finish a full marathon. He can totally do this! The race is in June so he is not officially training yet, but he has really worked hard to continue the momentum after running a half-marathon last year.
  • Re-organize and purge unnecessary items from our home. When we started working on the basement, we purged. Then everything left to be stored in the basement was shoved into closets, the garage and our shed so that the construction could begin. After living with everything jam-packed for almost a year, things must go. I’m not sure I should admit it, but I might even pare down our Christmas decorations. (I love decorating for Christmas!)
  • Continue working on healthy eating for our family. I would like to try and develop a meal planning/grocery shopping system that will help us become more efficient with grocery shopping and meals that we prepare.
  • Take a family vacation. This has been tricky the past year because we are paying for the basement as we go, and it certainly hasn’t been cheap!

Anthony wrote out his New Years Resolutions (using a template from Uncommon Designs)


This year I really want to: have fun
I really need to: exersise
I want to be better at: bascitball
I want to learn how to: do a backflip

We are ready - Bring on 2013!

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