Sunday, April 28, 2013

Color Dash 5k

You probably already know that my hubby is a runner (mentioned here) but surprisingly, it took some convincing and a pleading 6-year-old to convince him that we should sign up to run the Color Dash.  The Color Dash is a 5k where throughout the run people throw “color” at you.  The “color” is corn starch dyed with food coloring.  When we registered, we anticipating a blend of running and walking throughout the “run”.  The day of the race, we had a little boy still battling a stomach bug who managed to walk about 1 mile and then spent the remaining 2 miles on top of hubby’s shoulders. 

Here are a few crummy photos from the Color Dash (we had hubby’s iPhone in a Ziploc Bag – which was necessary!):

2013-04-27 Color Dash (8)
Anthony and I before the Color Dash – we had some extra “color” and had been having some fun throwing it at each other! 

2013-04-27 Color Dash (3)
In the photo above you can see we are each holding several bags of “color”.

2013-04-27 Color Dash (4)
We ran into one of Anthony’s school friends and together they enjoyed throwing the “color” and going through the color stations.  This is obviously the green station! 
I’m pretty sure they rolled on the ground through this one!

2013-04-27 Color Dash (5)
They definitely rolled on the ground through this one!  That’s Anthony on the ground with his friend climbing over him.  I’m walking right behind them with the black and green shoes.  Each station was like a color explosion!

2013-04-27 Color Dash (6)
Heading into the pink station! 

2013-04-27 Color Dash (2)
After the run…. Sunglasses are necessary during the Color Dash,
as you can see by Anthony’s face above!  Poor guy wasn’t feeling too great here.

2013-04-27 Color Dash (1)
Quick family shot just before heading home – fun stuff!  I love hubby’s blue ear!

The Color Dash definitely messy!  Would we do it again?  Absolutely - especially if everyone is healthy!  My only complaint is the laundry mess.  Wow!!

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