Monday, May 28, 2012

Running a 1/2 Marathon!

Okay, so it wasn’t me. I didn’t run.  Not even close.  Everything about the title of this post is the exact opposite of me.  I did a perfect job of standing on the bleachers, clapping, and cheering for all of the people crazy enough to run in the HOT weather we had Sunday morning.  Oh, and I brought my camera.  Of course I didn’t practice on all of the other runners first, and it was BUSY when hubby came running in, but I was able to snap a few pictures to document that he really did run his very first 1/2 Marathon.  Did you notice I said first?  I kinda think he likes this running business and may continue on.  Can you say FULL Marathon??  I think there just may be one in his future.  I’m not sure, just guessing.

Waiting for Daddy!  When hubby ran by, Anthony had his arm hanging out waiting for a high five.  Too bad hubby was super focused on the big screen and the timer and missed it…
2012-05-27 (4)

Here he comes!  He’s in the blue shirt, right in the center.  There was a pretty good crowd and lots of runners coming in with him. 
2012-05-27 (7)

2012-05-27 (10)

Hubby will want you all to know that according to his heart rate monitor (that he started as he crossed the starting line), he came in at 1:59:41 – just a few seconds faster than the clock at the finish line.  He was wearing a chip timer on his shoe that will give his official time, but it has not been posted online yet.  His goal was to beat 2 hours, and we are going to say that he did it!  There was also a big screen (upper right corner of the photo below) that would show the runners coming in.  Initially it was off in the distance a bit, so us spectators could see who was coming.  Eventually, when the runners were coming in more steady, the camera stream was pretty much exactly what we were seeing.
2012-05-27 (11)

Right after the race – doing some quick hydration!
2012-05-27 (19)

I’m proud of you!

Anyone else crazy enough to think about running like this?

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